Petrol Stations in Jordan

King’s Highway in Jordan

Petrol stations in Jordan are hard to come by outside of cities in many parts of the country. As such, make sure to fill up every time you see a station.

Sometimes there are hundreds of kilometers between petrol stations, and often the desert highways in Jordan don’t have petrol stations between large towns and cities.

Petrol in Jordan is not expensive, but historic fuel subsidies are being phased out.

Small petrol price increases in Jordan have been taking place over the last few years and are expected to continue.

Roads in Jordan

Dead Sea Highway in Jordan

Roads in Jordan vary in condition from ultra modern highways to potholed one-lane asphalt roads.

Unfortunately, most road maps of Jordan don’t do a good job showing which are which.

Sometimes the small well worn roads are shown on maps as major highways and the good freeways are shown as minor streets.

Make sure to do some research before choosing your route, as taking poor roads can substantially lengthen your journey times.

Driving Distances in Jordan

King’s Highway in Jordan

Jordan is not a big place, so driving distances in Jordan tend to be relatively short. Below are driving distances between major cities in Jordan.

Due to the mountainous topography of Jordan, driving distances can be deceiving. What looks like only a hundred kilometers on a map can take several hours due to winding mountain roads and steep ascents and descents.

Amman to Petra (Wadi Musa): 230km

Amman to Madaba: 32km

Amman to Jerash: 51km

Amman to Dead Sea: 40km

Petra (Wadi Musa) to Aqaba: 97km

Make sure to leave yourself plenty of extra time if you are driving long distances in Jordan.