Taxi from Amman Airport to Petra

Petra at Night
Petra at Night

Taking a taxi from Amman airport to Petra is a straightforward process.

If you plan to travel to Petra after your flight to Amman arrives, it is easy to take a taxi from Amman airport to Wadi Musa, the city in which Petra is located.

Amman airport taxis are beige sedans that can be found outside of the arrivals areas of both terminals 1 and 2 at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman.

Amman airport taxis are regulated. There are set prices for destinations like Petra and Wadi Musa.

It costs 69.75 dinars to take an airport taxi from Amman airport to Petra.

The drive from Amman airport to Petra is relatively long. While the distance is covered on good, paved roads, the journey takes several hours.

You can also visit the Jesorv taxi booths inside the arrivals halls in terminals 1 and 2 to get more information on the pricing and timing of taxis from Amman airport to Petra and other destinations in Jordan.

Best Restaurants in Amman

Shawarma Reem

The best restaurants in Amman are scattered all throughout the hills of the city. Ranging from hole in the wall shawarma shops to high end restaurants, Amman has a great range of dining options. Here is my list of the best restaurants in Amman:

Shawarma Reem
Serving up some of the best shawarma in Amman, Shawarma Reem is known for its excellent fast food.  It’s a tiny outpost on the side of a large traffic circle, so plan to order your shawarma to go and eat elsewhere in Amman.

Known for having the best falafel in Amman, the outdoor Hashem cafe is a great place for a quick meal or a snack. The falafel is served with excellen foul medammas (ground fava beans with olive oil).

Blue Fig
With a large dining area and a pleasant terrace, Blue Fig restaurant serves up some excellent Middle Eastern food.  One of the best restaurants in Amman, the Blue Fig is known for its traditional flat breads that are served with a variety of toppings.

Turtle Green
Popular with visitors to Amman, Turtle Green is one of the best restaurants for tea.  They also serve excellent fruit juices.

Petra Tours in Jordan

Tour of Petra

Visiting Petra is one of the top things to do in Jordan. The ancient Nabatean city is known throughout the world for its stunning buildings carved into cliff walls and for the centuries it went unknown to the West.

Now Petra is open for tours throughout the year and can be visited in a number of different ways. If you want to travel to Petra on your own, you can hire a local guide to show you around the ruins. Alternatively, you can take an organized tour to Petra through a tour operator or other organization.

One of the best Petra Tours is the night tour of Petra. The tour only operates on certain days, but it takes you through the ancient city on a candle light tour of Petra. It is a unique experience, and a good way to escape the heat if you are visiting Petra during the warmer months.

If you want to take a self guided tour of Petra, you can get a guidebook and a good map and take a tour of Petra by yourself. There are enough far flung sights to see in Petra that you could keep busy hiking in Petra for a few days.

Whatever kind of Petra tour you take in Jordan, make sure to wear good hiking shoes and bring plenty of water. There are restaurants and shops in Petra that sell food and water, but be sure to take more water with you if you go hiking out of the main areas.