Best Amman Sightseeing

Amman Sightseeing
Amman Sightseeing

The best Amman sightseeing can be found in the heart of the city. Below is a list of the top five sightseeing spots in Amman:

1. Roman Amphitheater – The Roman Amphitheater in Amman is one of the highlights of Amman sightseeing. The huge historic site is remarkably intact and has been preserved and restored with great care.

2. Citadel – The Citadel in Amman is perched at the top of one of the city’s many hills. It offers a unique look into Amman’s history as well as great views over the city.

3. Nymphaeum – The nymphaeum in Amman is a small but beautiful sight. Consecrated to nymphs in Roman times, it is now a historical landmark in the city. Located near the Roman Amphitheater, it is a must on the Amman sightseeing trail.

4. Markets – Amman has many markets that range from fruit and vegetable markets to clothing markets and everything in between. Don’t miss the opportunity to try your bargaining skills and take home some souvenirs from Jordan.

5. Mosques – Amman is home to many beautiful mosques. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter all of them, so make sure to check before you visit.

Whatever your Amman sightseeing plans, make sure to leave plenty of time for a quick falafel or shawarma stop along the way!

easyJet Flights to Amman

easyJet Flights Amman
The First easyJet Plane in Amman

easyJet flights to Amman are operated between London Gatwick Airport and Queen Alia International Airport. The route’s inaugural flight took place in March 2011, and it is currently the only route that easyJet flies between the UK and Jordan.

Flights operate three days a week on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Return flights from Amman to London operate on the same days.

easyJet flights to Amman are five hours long and offer in-flight food and duty free items for purchase.

easyJet offers cheap flights to Amman. Their prices are usually several hundred pounds less than their competitors’ prices, and the earlier you book, the cheaper your flight price.

easyJet flights to Amman make visiting Jordan accessible to people in the UK, and allow travellers the opportunity to see highlights like Petra, the Dead Sea, Madaba, Jerash, and many of the other best places to visit in Jordan.

Taxi from Amman to Damascus

Driving from Amman to Damascus
Damascus Road

Taxis from Amman to Damascus are a good way to go about driving from Amman to Damascus.

Many hotels in Amman will offer to find you a taxi to Damascus, but they charge double what you can get on your own. Instead of hiring a taxi from your hotel, head to the area near the Amman bus station. There you can find private agencies that offer high-quality private cars that are nice large sedans with air conditioning.

To find a taxi from Amman to Damascus, look for a car on the street with its trunk open and a driver standing beside it, and you can arrange for the driver to take you to Syria. Alternately, you can have your hotel call ahead for you. One good company that runs taxis from Amman to Syria can be reached at 4634424.

The average cost of a taxi from Amman to Damascus is 50 dinars. Make sure to negotiate if the price offered is higher than this.

Before you agree to take the taxi, make sure that it is an official taxi. Check for registration certificates and signs painted on the sides. Photograph the license plates so that you have the information in case anything goes wrong.

Once you have found a driver, they will need to make sure that you have a Syrian visa. Most drivers will not take you to Syria unless you already have a visa. This is because it can take hours to get a visa at the border. The driver will also need to take your passport for a few minutes for the purposes of filling out a form that will be used when you cross the border into Syria.

When you’re on your way, it will take around three hours to drive from Amman to Damascus. This is partly owing to the time-consuming border crossing process.

The border crossing from Jordan to Syria involves two security checkpoints on the Jordanian side, then passport control, where you must get out of the car to get your passport stamped. There will then be a final checkpoint in Jordan.

After that you will come to the first Syrian border checkpoint, then the Syrian passport control office. Again you must get out of the car to get your passport stamped. After that there are two final checkpoints in Syria.

If you plan to return to Jordan after Damascus, make sure you have a multiple-entry visa for Jordan. If you don’t, you will have to buy another single-entry visa at the border, which is more time-consuming and expensive.

If you don’t want to take a taxi from Amman to Damascus, you can fly, take a bus, or take a shared van.